About the Owner

James Mrazek

I'm James, the owner and operator of Lakewatch Manor, and a retired Army Officer. In all my travels, I have found no other place I would rather live than here in Rockland, Maine. I'm committed to providing a warm and wonderful home away from home for you in our 18th century colonial manor house at the edge of Lake Chikawaukie. Please feel free to contact me by email or phone, for more information. I look forward to helping you enjoy some indelible Maine memories.

James Mrazek
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Whether you want to curl up with a good book by the fireplace, watch a movie on the flat screen television, or hike the trails behind the house, Lakewatch Manor provides all the charm of a bed and breakfast with all the modern conveniences of a hotel.

About The Lakewatch Manor

The Lakewatch Manor was built in 1767, by Isaiah Tolman, a wealthy Boston based business man, who also happened to be the very first settler of Rockland. Along with his family they moved to the area and purchased 500 acres of farm land just between Dodge Mountain and what is now Chikawauka Lake.

The original farm contained the county's first grist mill, and was the center for all agricultural trades in the area. During the winters, the lake in front of the house served as the ice factory for the town. Often ice was harvested in front of the house, and then taken into the mill for storage or breakup.

The house served as Isaiah Tolman's family home for a large part of his life, the size of which reflects the size of his family, which at the end of his life numbered at eight children from his first wife, eleven children from his second wife, and two final children from his third wife.

Of the twenty one total children, seventeen survived and became mature and prosperous members of Maine society. Mr. Tolman and his third wife finally "retired" to Matinicus island where he died in 1825 at the incredible age of 104 years.

Much of the original house still remains today, with original wood, plaster, stone, and insulation still standing strong. The farm however was taken down in the 1960's, after its main house burned to the ground.

Interesting Facts:

Maine hospitality is a time honored tradition, but did you know that Isaiah Tolman built and opened the first ever tavern in Rockland, on Lake Avenue?

What is today called Bear Hill, behind Tolman's Pond, is called so because at the age of ten, Esther Tolman, one of Isaiah's daughters, was killed by a bear while playing there.

The mountain which Lakewatch Manor resides against is called Dodge Mountain, and is named after the flamboyant local physician, Ezekiel Dodge, who acquired the rights to the mountain under very questionable circumstances. Dr. Dodge constructed a large mansion atop it, and it was very well known for its marble floors and spiral stair case.

In 1783, Isaiah Tolman gave one acre of his property to be used for burials from the Revolutionary war.